Cookie Policy

Effective Date: October 2020


(“us”, “we”, or “our”) uses cookies on (the “Service”). Our Cookie Policy explains what cookies are, how we use cookies on the Service and how to manage them.

The Service website uses cookies to allow you to take full advantage of the functionality of the Service. Cookies make it possible to improve your future browsing experiences on the website. By using the Service, you consent to the use of cookies.

The Service only uses cookies to identify the IP address of your device, your browsing habits and behaviour on the website. No cookie used on the website identify you as an individual (name, contact information). We may also use online identifiers and the other technologies identified in Section 1 of our Privacy Policy for the purposes articulated in our Privacy Policy, for example to recognize your device when you use our Service.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file sent by a website that is stored and processed by your web browser when you visit a website. Subject to your consent, cookies are stored in the directory or in the program data sub-folders of the browser used on your terminal (computer, mobile or tablet). It allows a website to temporarily save anonymous information about visits and visitors of the website. Cookies are placed when you use your browser to consult a website which helps to detect your language and display its content  in your language, to remember your consultations and preferences, to customise the content, to analyse traffic, to make survey and analysis, to  find out technical anomalies of the website and for security purposes. Cookies record information relating to your internet browsing and are intended to be readable only by their issuers. Certain cookies contain personal information – for example, if you click “remember me” when logging in, a cookie will store your username. Most cookies won’t collect information that identifies you and will instead collect more general information such as how users arrive at and use our websites, or a user’s general location. Cookies can also log what type of terminal is connected to the Internet when viewing the content, which page and at what time, recognising the browser on your terminal only during the period of validity of the cookie used. They are mainly used to ensure that the website works as you expect it to in order to provide you the best user experience possible.

How to manage your cookies?

When you first connect to Our website, you agree to the placement of cookies by continuing to navigate Our website.

You may decide to disable cookies but you may no longer be able to fully benefit from the Service or from other websites that you visit. The refusal of certain cookies may disrupt or block certain navigation features on websites (difficulty displaying content or registering for example).

Configuration/Settings of your internet browser

You can choose to deactivate cookies at any time on your browser. You can accept or delete cookies one by one or delete them systematically once and for all.

Cookie preferences must be set for each web browser. You generally have several ways to manage cookies, including: completely authorizing or prohibiting cookies, deleting specific cookies that have already been saved by the browser, preventing certain websites from sending cookies to your computer, or blocking third-party cookies (when browsing on a website, cookies are sent to your computer by another website).

Please find below the necessary information on managing cookies with each of the main browsers:

You can also find useful information about how to control cookies here.

What types of cookies does the Service use and for what purpose?

When you use and access the Service, we may place a number of cookies files in your web browser. We use different types of cookies to run the Service. The period of validity of the cookie varies according to its use and cannot exceed 26 months from the day on which you have given your consent to the integration of said cookie.

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies allow you to access all the functionality features of our website and are essential for a smooth running of the Service. These cookies are necessary for the operation of the website and cannot be deactivated in our systems. You can configure your browser to block these cookies, but certain parts of the site will no longer be able to function afterwards. These cookies do not store any data able to identify you as a person. The legal basis for these cookies is our legitimate interest in providing you the Service you seek when visiting our website. 

Performance cookies

These cookies collect information about how you use our website, for example, the most visited pages and if error messages are displayed. These cookies do not collect data that identifies you as a person. All the information collected by these cookies is anonymized. These cookies are only intended to improve the functioning of the website. Then make it possible to measure the traffic or the audience linked to our website and to analyse interactions carried out on the website during your visit.

Purpose of the use of data collected from cookiesCookie Lifetime Legal right to data processing
Visit statistics: server capacity configuration and visitor measurement   and measurement of advertising campaigns performance26 months  This processing is based on our legitimate interest in optimizing website performance
Information of changes to our services12 monthsThis processing is necessary for the execution of our legal obligations and / or for the establishment, exercise or defence of a legal claim
Website management to carry out internal technical operations within the framework of problem solving, data analysis, tests, research, analysis and technical improvement of the service12 monthsThis processing is based on the legitimate interest of ensuring the security of the site and improving its characteristics
Improvement and optimization of our site to ensure that the display of our content is adapted to your terminal12 monthsThis processing is based on our legitimate interest in providing you a content formatted for its use
Preservation of a healthy and secure environment on the site12 monthsThis processing is based on our legitimate interest in ensuring n the security of the site

Functionality cookies

These cookies allow the website to remember your choices, the language chosen or the region where the device used is located, they provide you with more precise and customized content user experience. These cookies can also be used to remember changes made by you, such as the size of the text or the font, leaving a comment on the content. The information collected by these cookies can be made anonymous and cannot track your browsing activity on other websites. 

Purpose of the use of data collected from cookiesMaximum Cookie Lifetime  Legal right to data processing
To improve the browsing experience12 monthsThis processing is based our legitimate interest in in optimizing user experience
To display information relating to the use of our services. We may also use your data to adapt the content of the site to your browsing habits and to your interests12 monthsThis processing is based on the legitimate interest in optimizing user experience
To allow you to use all the interactive features of our service if you wish12 monthsThis processing is based on the legitimate interest in optimizing user experience


  1. List of first-party cookies
  • handl_ip – Function: to identify the user’s IP – Lifetime: 30 days
  • handl_landing_page – Function: to identify the landing page (page visited) – Lifetime: 30 days
  • adgroupid – Function: Analytics: to know on what type of ad user has clicked on – Lifetime: 30 days
  • source – Function: to know where the user comes from: Google ads campaign, Facebook ads Campaign, Bing ads campaign – Lifetime: 30 days
  • time – Function: to determine the time when the user visited the site – Lifetime: 30 days
  • Aff_Id – Function: Identification of the site seen by the user in the analysis platform – Lifetime: 30 days
  • Aff_Subid_4 – Function stores an identifier created by / for google analytics – Lifetime: 30 days
  • Timestamp – Function: To know at what time and date the user has clicked on our ad – Lifetime: 30 days
  • Track – Function: to identify campaign id and ad group id for marketing purpose- Lifetime: 30 days
  • Lastcat – Function: to identify last category seen by the user – Lifetime: 30 days
  • cookieCheck – Function: banner behavior: acceptance of the use of cookies – Lifetime: 30 days
  • Does anyone else use cookies on our website?

We also allow third parties to serve cookies that fall into one of the three categories above. For example, like many companies, we use Google Analytics to help us monitor our website traffic. We may also enable third parties to serve cookies to help identify fraudulent or non-human traffic on our website.