How we Operate

The site (hereinafter the “Site”) operates as follows:


  • Publisher: refers to the company .
  • Offer/Offers: refers to the service offered by a Referenced Service Provider.
  • Referenced Service Provider: refers to an organisation having concluded a partnership contract with the Publisher, whose Offers are presented on the Site.
  • Service/Services: refers to the listing of services to Users on the Site.
  • User: refers to the Internet user who uses the Site Services.

1 – What are the different classification criteria used?

By using the Site, you access a list of Offers presented by a panel of Referenced Service Providers in a given market. The Offers are presented in the form of a ranking, sometimes accompanied by a rating. The order of the Offers and the ratings that may appear on the Site are established by the Publisher according to their popularity, the advantages they present for the User, and the remuneration paid to the Publisher by each Referenced Service Provider.

2 – Is there a contractual relationship or capital links between the Site and the Referenced Service Providers?

All Referenced Service Providers have entered into a partnership contract with the Publisher.

The Publisher does not hold any capital participation, interests or shares with the Referenced Service Providers.

3 – Is there any remuneration for the Site by the Referenced Service Providers and, if so, does this impact the ranking of an Offers?

The Site is remunerated by the Referenced Service Providers by either:

1. each time a User buys a product, having found the offer through the Site, the Publisher is paid a fee; or

2. Or in the event of subscription of Services by the User with a Referenced Service Provider, after having accessed the latter’s site from the Site.

The Service is always free for the User.

While the classification of Offers depends largely on the remuneration received by Referenced Service Providers, it is also based on an evaluation, by and at the discretion of the Publisher, of the attractiveness of the conditions of the Offers and the popularity of them among Users.

4 – What is the detail of the components of the Offers? Can additional charges be added?

When the Site presents an Offer, it specifies the essential characteristics of the price, such as the frequency of its invoicing, the existence of additional costs or the fact that it is subject to certain eligibility conditions.

Additional charges payable by the User to the Reference Service Provider and not mentioned in the Offer may be added depending on the Offer actually subscribed to by the User.

5 – What is the variation in commercial guarantees according to the services compared?

The Site compares equivalent or at least similar Offers; however, the precise content of the Offers may vary from one Referenced Service Provider to another and may be freely modified at any time by the Referenced Service Providers. Each Offer being unique, the details of the options and services can be consulted by the User by directly accessing the site of the Referenced Service Provider through the dedicated functionality of the Site and by downloading the general conditions available.

6 – Is the range of Offers exhaustive?

The Site exclusively presents the Offers offered by Referenced Service Providers; therefore, the Offers presented on the Site are not exhaustive and do not represent all available Offers by all operators in the relevant market.

7 – What is the frequency and method of updating the Offers?

The Offers are updated within two working days of notification being received by the Site from the Referenced Service Providers of any modification of the Offer. This includes any changes to the price, special offers of a limited duration, change in general conditions, eligibility conditions or special conditions of the Offer, etc.).

The Publisher carries out a verification of the validity of the Offers on a monthly basis. The Publisher will therefore update the Offers on the Site, but there will inevitably be a delay in updating the information.

Last update: October 2020